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My name is Lisa Van der Wielen and I am a Writer of poetry, children's books and stories. I am also a Primary School Teacher and a Mum of two beautiful daughters. I have always been lucky enough to call the sunny city of Perth, Western Australia, my home.

I am passionate about working with children and have always had a love for writing, so those things combined have lead me to become a children's author.

Here is a list of my published books:

  • Vegetarian Polony (2017)

  • Luna Lucy ( 2018)

  • Aqua Dog (2019)

  • The Life of Gus (2019)

  • Luna Lucy and the planets (2020)

  • Aqua Dog Flames (2021)

My love for the beach, nature, dogs, gardening, food, family and the importance of virtues.... provide me with inspiration to write children's books.  I endeavour to write fun stories that inspire children to learn, laugh and enjoy the magic of reading.

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December 15, 2017


Vegetarian Polony is the debut Children's book by Lisa Van der Wielen.

When the animals discover the reason pigs are on the farm. 

An adventure begins full of animal charm. 

Collaboration and working as a team. 

The animals create a farmer's dream...

Vegetarian Polony

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Part proceeds from every Vegetarian Polony book sold goes to the charity: Perth Children's Hospital Foundation.

ALL proceeds from every The life of Gus book goes directly to Ronald Mcdonald House in Perth.



November 2018

Luna Lucy is a charming, rhyming tale about the phases of the moon.  The educational book has been beautifully illustrated by Joseph Hopkins. 

A girl called Lucy and her dog Neptune, develop a love for watching the moon.

A quest begins about the Luna phase, discovering the moon in so many ways.

Luna Lucy is a fun, engaging tale that is beautifully illustrated with heart warming characters. It is an educational book about the phases of the moon that captures hearts.


Download a FREE Luna Lucy work booklet on the phases of the moon here:

LUNA LUCY and the Planets

November 2020

Luna Lucy and the Planets  is a fun, educational tale about the planets in our Solar System.  This beautifully illustrated book captures a child’s imagination and curiosity about astronomy in a charming bedtime story.

When a girl called Lucy, and her dog Neptune,

Make a rocket ship to zoom to the moon.

They shoot past the stars with a smile on their face,

To discover the planets in outer space.

Download a FREE Luna Lucy and the Planets work booklet here:



Aqua the farm dog really loves to swim.

Sometimes the famer gets angry at him.

Instead of herding sheep he loves to splash.

Diving under water in a flash.

When the rain begins to fall and the water levels rise.

A lesson is learnt of immeasurable size.

When a flood puts his talents to the test,

Is swimming what Aqua Dog does best?

Aqua Dog is an endearing children's book about a farm dog that loves to swim.  Alison Mutton has captured the West Australian Wheatbelt setting beautifully in her illustrations along with the cheeky and determined border collie character called Aqua. The lovely message in the story make this book a must read for children and adults.


Out on the farm, to keep himself cool,

Aqua would swim in the dam or the pool.

When the rain didn’t fall, there was no water supply,

The tanks became empty and the land bone dry.

When an angry fire came sweeping through,

What did Aqua Dog decide to do?



Aqua Dog Flames captures the extraordinary bond between a man and his dog.  This books tells of the devastation that the Australian bushfires brought, and the hope and light that friendship brings. 


The Life of GUS 


I have teamed up with the super talented Perth Illustrator Stacey Fraticelli and Graphic Designer Alison Mutton to create a book about Gus, the resident dog at the Ronald McDonald house here in Perth.  I'm honoured to be involved in such a wonderful cause and worthy charity.  

At the Ronald McDonald House here in Perth,

Lives the friendliest dog on this earth.

He's special, he's smart, he's really kind -

The most amazing dog you'll ever find!

Gus asks one favour (with a big thank you):

To buy his book - or maybe two!

This gift of kindness will overflow,

As off to charity all the proceeds go!

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 I love to see photos of children reading my stories so please share.


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