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My name is Lisa Van Der Wielen and I am an Author from Perth, Western Australia. I am a writer of poetry, children's books, chapter books and novels. I am an enthusiastic Educator and a Mum of two amazing daughters. 

I am passionate about working with children and have always had a love for writing, so those things combined have led me to become an Author for children.

Here is a list of my published and upcoming books:

  • Vegetarian Polony (2017)

  • Luna Lucy ( 2018)

  • Aqua Dog (2019)

  • The Life of Gus (2019)

  • Luna Lucy and the planets (2020)

  • Aqua Dog Flames (2021)

  • Little Dune (2022) (Winner of 2022 SCBWI Spark Award)

  • Echo (2023)

  • Dear Universe (2023)

  • Luna Lucy & the Stars (2024)

  • Rosie (2024)

  • Cristy Creates (2024)

My love for the beach, nature, dogs, gardening, food, family and the importance of virtues.... provides me with inspiration to write and create.  I endeavour to write fun stories that inspire kids to learn, laugh and enjoy the magic of reading.

Head over to my Etsy site: Holehearted Cards to see more of my creativity and follow my social media pages to stay updated on my work . I hope you enjoy reading my stories. 

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Vegetarian Polony is the debut Children's book by Lisa Van der Wielen.

When the animals discover the reason pigs are on the farm. 

An adventure begins full of animal charm. 

Collaboration and working as a team. 

The animals create a farmer's dream...

Vegetarian Polony


A girl called Lucy and her dog Neptune, develop a love for watching the moon.

A quest begins about the Luna phase, discovering the moon in so many ways.

Luna Lucy is a fun, engaging tale that is beautifully illustrated with heart warming characters. It is an educational book about the phases of the moon that captures hearts.

Luna Lucy Book cover image by Lisa Van Der Wielen girl with  dog looking at moon


Luna Lucy and the Planets is a fun, educational tale about the planets in our Solar System.  This beautifully illustrated book captures a child’s imagination and curiosity about astronomy in a charming bedtime story.

When a girl called Lucy, and her dog Neptune,

Make a rocket ship to zoom to the moon.

They shoot past the stars with a smile on their face,

To discover the planets in outer space.

Luna Lucy and the Planets book cover by Lisa Van Der Wielen girl and dog looking planets


Aqua the farm dog really loves to swim.

Sometimes the famer gets angry at him.

Instead of herding sheep he loves to splash.

Diving under water in a flash.

When the rain begins to fall and the water levels rise.

A lesson is learnt of immeasurable size.

When a flood puts his talents to the test,

Is swimming what Aqua Dog does best?

Aqua Dog is an endearing children's book about a farm dog that loves to swim.  Alison Mutton has captured the West Australian Wheatbelt setting beautifully in her illustrations along with the cheeky and determined border collie character called Aqua. The lovely message in the story make this book a must read for children and adults.

Aqua dog book cover image  by Lisa Van Der Wielen dog swimming


Out on the farm, to keep himself cool,

Aqua would swim in the dam or the pool.

When the rain didn’t fall, there was no water supply,

The tanks became empty and the land bone dry.

When an angry fire came sweeping through,

What did Aqua Dog decide to do?


Aqua Dog Flames captures the extraordinary bond between a man and his dog.  This books tells of the devastation that the Australian bushfires brought, and the hope and light that friendship brings. 

Aqua Dog Flames book cover image  by Lisa Van Der Wielen dog holding hose in fire


I have teamed up with the super talented Perth Illustrator Stacey Fraticelli and Graphic Designer Alison Mutton to create a book about Gus, the resident dog at the Ronald McDonald House here in Perth.  I'm honoured to be involved in such a wonderful cause and worthy charity where all proceeds go directly to RMHCWA.  

At the Ronald McDonald House here in Perth,

Lives the friendliest dog on this earth.

He's special, he's smart, he's really kind -

The most amazing dog you'll ever find!

Gus asks one favour (with a big thank you):

To buy his book - or maybe two!

This gift of kindness will overflow,

As off to charity all the proceeds go!

Photo of GUS dog RMHCWA
The life of Gus book cover image  by Lisa Van Der Wielen for Ronald Mcdonald House Western Australia dog at RMHCWA

Little DUNE

Winner of the 2022 SCBWI Spark Award!

Sometimes, it’s hard for Grace to overcome her anxiety. She tries and tries, but nothing ever seems to help. But one day, when she visits the beach with her family, she finds a cute little surprise in the sand dunes that might change everything…

Put your toes in the sand, you will be okay.
Let the ripples of water wash your worries away.
A wave is a worry, a worry’s a wave,
Stand up and face it, and learn to be brave.


Little Dune is a sweet and endearing story about how one little girl learns to conquer her anxiety.

Little Dune Book cover image  by Lisa Van Der Wielen girl and dog at beach
Spark Award SCBWI image


I have teamed up with the super creative Perth Artist Anne Farrell from The Pencil Case Art Studio to create a book for HeartKids Australia. I was born with a Congenital Heart Defect, enduring several heart surgeries through out my life. Both of my daughters have been born with the same, so this book is very close to my heart. I'm so excited to get this adorable book out to the world on June 9th 2023!

All proceeds from every book sold go directly to Heart Kids Australia.

In the hospital garden, a great friendship grew,

Between a stray woolly dog and a boy feeling blue.

Alfie just had heart surgery, his chest was feeling sore,

When a little fluffy dog came and offered him a paw.

What happens between the boy and this fleecy pup,

When it's time for his fur to have a tidy up?


Echo is a sweet and charming story about the importance of friendship, capturing the bond between a boy and a dog with an inspiring message to wear your scars with pride.

Echo book cover image by Lisa Van Der Wielen for HeartKids Australia dog in garden


This is a story about the power of the universe, but most importantly, the power of belief in oneself.

Elise is sixteen years old and has the world at her feet. She writes to the universe regularly, asking for signs and guidance. As life presents her with challenges, lessons and heartbreaks, she continues to write and reflect on her life and the choices she has made. What would forty-year-old Elise tell her sixteen-year-old self?

Dear Universe is an inspirational story about the journey to self-discovery and the immense power of love. It captures the struggles of navigating life and love as a young woman with congenital heart disease and undiagnosed autism, through her voyage of reflection and contemplation as she learns to understand the powers of the universe.

dear universe book cover blue eye purple


Luna Lucy & the Stars is book 3 of the Luna Lucy series.  Learn all about stars and constellations with Lucy and Neptune.

Pre purchase books through Kickstarter!

Luna Lucy and the stars Kickstarter Cover.jpg


I have teamed up with the very talented artist Anne Farrell once again!

Cristy’s brain is full of ideas.
Sometimes she writes her ideas down and gets busy designing, but sometimes she just starts creating!
Cristy loves to create, it is her favourite thing to do!
Creating inventions for her special dog Charlie keeps her very busy.
When Charlie gets separation anxiety, what will Cristy create?

Cristy Creates is a fun and educational story about creativity and inventing! A wonderful STEM teaching and learning resource for teachers and students with a free downloadable work booklet.


Cristy Creates Book Cover


I am finally both the Illustrator and Author of a book! 

Rosie is no ordinary dog, she is extraordinary. Rosie might be a tiny poodle, but she has enormous special powers. People can’t always see them, but they can certainly feel them. This intuitive dog, gets up to a lot of mischief, especially when there is food around! Join Rosie on her adventures and learn along the way.

Book 1

What happens when Rosie sneaks out to bark at the rubbish man? Learn all about green waste and composting with Rosie.

Rosie is being released May 1st 2024!

Rosie children's book cover
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Vegetarian Polony book cover image dog
Perth Children's Hospital Foundation
Ronald McDonald House Perth
Heart Kids Australia

Lisa Van Der Wielen proudly supports the local Charities:
Perth Children's Hospital Foundation  
RMHC Western Australia

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