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Dear Universe

Updated: Jun 11

Dear Universe is a story about the power of the universe, but most importantly, the power of belief in oneself.

Elise is sixteen years old and has the world at her feet. She writes to the universe regularly, asking for signs and guidance. As life presents her with challenges, lessons and heartbreaks, she continues to write and reflect on her life and the choices she has made. What would forty-year-old Elise tell her sixteen-year-old self?

Dear Universe is an inspirational story about the journey to self-discovery and the immense power of love. It captures the struggles of navigating life and love as a young woman with congenital heart disease and undiagnosed autism, through her voyage of reflection and contemplation as she learns to understand the powers of the universe.

Dear Universe book cover with blue eye and purple background
Dear Universe book

Dear Universe is a Young Adult Fiction novel, however it appeals to the Female Fiction genre also.

Some recent reviews include:

"This book gripped me from the first page, and held on tight right to the last page. Reading Elise's life lessons had me cycle through all the emotions and made me reflect on my own choices as well as life's high and lows. The lessons learnt in this book will no doubt follow me and guide my future perspectives."

"Highly recommend this for young adults and adults alike. Well written and insightful story that stayed with me a long time after reading."

"A great short novel on the lessons life can bring. Elise reminds us all to keep having hope and notice the joy whilst we navigate the trials."

Available through Amazon and all major bookstores!

Dear universe book cover with blue eye and purple background on a desk with a pen and paper and flowers.h
Dear Universe book


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