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Cristy Creates

Updated: Jun 11

Cristy creates book cover on coloured pencils shavings
Cristy Creates book cover

Cristy Creates is a fun and educational picture book about the creative STEM learning process. As a STEM Teacher and Author, I was inspired to write a picture book about the creative invention process. I am a creative soul who loves creating, whether it be writing stories, painting, drawing, cooking or gardening. Anything creative gets my brain working in a happy place. I have two creative daughters, one who loves making and inventing things. Her creativity was the inspiration around the Cristy character in this story.

Photo of Lisa Van Der Wielen with information about the Author. Photo of Illustrator Anne Farrell with information about her.
Author Lisa Van Der Wielen Illustrator Anne Farrell

Once I had finished writing Cristy Creates, I was so eager to get this story out to the world, I approached the most creative and talented person I know, the lovely Anne Farrell, to bring this story to life. Anne is a teaching colleague and good friend who I knew would interpret the manuscript as intended. She has exceeded my expectations in producing collage illustrations that jump off the page with imagination.

I am passionate about education being creativity based. Creative projects encourage students to take measured risks and embrace failure. STEM is an approach to learning that integrates the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Skills include; problem solving, higher order thinking, critical thinking, creativity ,communication, working as a team and entrepreneurship. Students are encouraged to design and create by researching and applying their knowledge. Failure is an opportunity for learning and design modifications can be made to improve design success. STEM is essentially a growth mindset model of learning. It involves identifying prior knowledge, researching, learning, growing, experimenting, adapting and adjusting. This process of learning encourages invention and forward thinking for the future. STEM education is going to become an integral part of education, by encouraging the creative, innovative and critical thinkers of the world, helping solve global problems.

White and brown dog wearing glasses, sitting on a towel at the beach.
Charlie from Cristy Creates

I love writing about dogs, so there is always a dog character in my picture books. So of course, this story is about Cristy and her cute little dog Charlie. He's the inspiration behind Cristy's creative inventions! What happens when Charlie gets separation anxiety? What will Cristy create?

Cristy Creates is a wonderful teaching and learning resource for the STEM classroom that comes with free downloadable resources. Available for pre purchase, launching in bookstores July 1st!

Cristy Creates book cover on denim background with coloured pencils.
Cristy Creates book


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